# CF201 Map.jpg

                 Longitude/Latitude -81.6720644444444  28.3358061111111

​Located just south of  the US 192/US 27 Interchange,this billboard has several exceptional features that allow it to generate over 3X the exposure of the typical billboard in this area.

Static face-your company will be the only advertiser on this facing. This status  generates 2X more exposure than that of a trivision, and 7x that of a digital billboard.

Lighting-This is one of the only four lighted billboard faces on US 27  between US 192 and I-4, and one of the only two that's lighted all night, selling your product 24/7/365


All night lighting-​ is crucial for reaching the majority of motorists year round, This especially important during the daylight savings time frame, when both the morning and afternoon peak drive times occur during darkness.


Stop light location-positioned just beyond the Polo Park Blvd traffic signal provides for a longer view time as traffic is often slowed or stopped.

Most Dominant- at 14' X 48' in advertising area, it's 40%  larger than the typical billboard in this area. A larger ad area permits all elements of your ad to be larger, which not only creates more message takeaway, but also allows your billboard to be read from a further distance away which provides a longer read time.  

                          FDOT traffic count station #165209

 46,372 is the combined  average annual daily traffic count (AADT)

                                 22,426 northbound AADT  

                                 23,726 southbound AADT 




                              Daily exposure opportunities      

               (based on 23,726 vehicles daily X 1.38 occupants/car) 

                 Cost per thousand  exposures, including production!                  



                                   Compare CPM

                                      Terrestrial Radio-  $14.00

                                      Cable TV – $23.00

                                      LinkedIn Ad – $8.39

                                      Direct Mail– $5.99 (postcard)


                                     KEY DEMOGRAPHICS (5 Mile)


                                      TOTAL POPULATION     50,677     

                                      AVG HH INCOME          $74,489                                  

                                      MEDIAN AGE                   37.6

                                      TOTAL HOUSEHOLDS    18,556